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The Bildex Company provides a full range of services for processing composite panels. All work is carried out by qualified specialists using special equipment. Milling, engraving, rolling, blanking, perforation and sheet shearing operations of almost any complexity are all performed. We guarantee short delivery times and fair prices. Composite panels are made on professional Striebig Standard 6216 Composite equipment.
Composite panels are sheared in strict accordance with the sizes provided by the customer and the specification. Shearing is performed with a high precision device, which provides a smooth surface (cut) and prevents the panel from exfoliation.
Milling is carried out on sheets 3 and 4 mm thick: shape cutting, V-shape groove milling, 90 and 120 degree angle milling.
Rolling is performed on sheets maximum 3 mm thick suitable for forming bends of up to 30 mm. Minimum bend radius is 250 mm.
It is carried out using a special stamp for punching angles, holes and eye ends. This kind of metalwork is used to manufacture cassettes for ventilated façade cladding. The angles are 45 and 90 degrees. Aluminum composite panels may also have decorative perforation made according to the customer's design.