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Aluminum Strips

Aluminum strips are widely used as a separate material for construction, mounting and finishing operations or as a component for the production of other finishing materials. A constant increase in output and a stable growth in sales are due to high quality and a constant growth in the demand for this kind of product. Both customers and our company are pleased with the excellent quality, making the products more popular. Aluminum strips of minimum thickness with an adhesive surface are used to seal and waterproof different pipes, panels and surface joints.
— Production of strip ceiling profiles
— Production of venetian blinds
— Production of aluminum composite panels
— Production of oil and petrol pipelines, car and tractor radiators, welded petrol tanks, rivets, mast casings and vessel hulls, etc.
The BILDEX Company presents the following types of aluminum strip:
— Aluminum strips in lubricated rolling
— Chromated aluminum strips
— Strips coated with PE or PVDF enamel according to RAL or in special colors.
The wide use of this material and its high efficiency in sealing and waterproofing materials of this kind are due to its high resistance to corrosion, lightness and strength. Different color enamels with various bases including single or double layer polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride, polyurethane or plastisol are used for coating. Bildex manufactures a wide range of products so there is no difficulty in finding an aluminum strip of the required width, thickness, color or any other required specification. Any major customer or private buyer can find the required item within our range of products. The customer may choose to purchase any quantity of products. Please contact us beforehand and inform us of all of the details when making a substantial order.
Chromated aluminum strips are used in the production of Bildex aluminum composite panels. The back inner sides of the panels are chromated, non-coated and corrosion resistant. Special technology ensures additional surface protection. As a result of technical treatment (anodic, chromate treatment, etc.), special aluminum foil becomes moisture resistant and does not require any additional water repellents or corrosion preventing coatings. Treated in this way the aluminum strip is used as a component of façade panels, which through the use of chromate are not only more environmentally resistant, but are also cheaper to produce.
Aluminum alloys such as AMnH3 or AMg2 are characterized by high ductility, good welding properties and high corrosion resistance. The alloys are produced in annealed, cold worked or half hard conditions and are not heat hardened. We also present alloys according to EN (3003H18, 3105H24) and DIN or other.
Strip thickness is 0.18 to 0.6 mm.
Types of enamels used for coated strips:
— single layer polyester (base coat-enamel), complex thickness is 16 to 19 μm
— double layer polyester (base coat + enamel), complex thickness is 23 to 25 μm
— double layer polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) enamels (base coat + enamel), complex thickness is 25 to 27 μm
— plastisol
— polyurethane.
Every lot is supplied with the appropriate hygiene certificates.
Please contact the manager for details. Tel.: +7 (495) 640-64-40